August 2013

Have not reported much this month, fairly quiet on the Petanque front. Things at the Port Ste Foy club continue to deteriorate. The secretary has now resigned and the members are pleasing themselves who they play with and more importantly who they don’t! Reminds me a little of cliques in the golf club!
Meanwhile I have continued to play at the Gardonne Club. Today I played the weekly club competition and won all four matches (winning five tickets) The standard of boule is much higher here and the ambiance is superb. The ticket system is very clever, you pay 2.50€ to enter and each game you win is worth one ticket (1€) if you win all four matches you win 5€. You can collect your tickets and spend them when you like. Some examples of ticket prizes, 1 ltr Whisky,12 tickets, 1ltr Ricard,15€’ Bon d Achat (gift voucher) in various denominations for Leclerc’s the local supermarket. I currently have 44 tickets which I will keep and cash in my final winnings nearer Christmas

Sorry to hear Scotland finished third in the home nations competition. Come on Scotland we can do better than that !

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