High summer petanque – phew, too hot.

Wednesday at Gardonne was not too bad because there is lots of shade, in fact we played four games in total shade out of the sun (35c in the sun). Went to the Port today (Saturday) sat for an hour under the Prune trees with a nice breeze blowing, just chatting, I am very proud of the fact that I can be involved in these conversations, I remember when I was an outsider with not a clue what was going on. Everyone is exhausted through lack of sleep (28-30c overnight) there is not a lot of enthusiasm to play.
As an interesting aside, recently, a very loud and boastful Portugese man has been arriving, not a bad player but a real show off, anyway, he arrived half way through our chat, sat for five minutes then threw his boule down, basically he was saying, lets play! No response from anyone! A few minutes passed and he again said, is anyone playing? Again no response, he then picked up his boule walked to his car and drove off. After a few minutes, someone said, has he gone? Or is he hiding, he is gone, ok lets play! typically french! I understand their ways now and am comfortable with them, I suppose I should be thankful I am accepted.

A French favourite climbing rose, Pierre de Ronsard, beautiful, we had one at Gensac as well and it flowers all summer.

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